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Attorney Bar Roll Information     

Attention Counsel:  The Court is pleased to announce that its Bar Roll system is now synchronized directly with the LSBA data each night. There is no longer any need to register with the court separately, if you have an LSBA record it will synchronize with the court's data. You can still make changes to the address the court has on file for sending notices out if desired. To complete electronically please complete the Bar Roll Update Form and submit by clicking the submit button at the bottom of the form or emailing to You can also accomplish this change in person in the IT office at the Courthouse in Room 305. You can also submit a Notice of Address Change to the Civil Clerks Office and it will be handled as it always has been. For an electronic update you will need to present your ID with the form, we will need a copy of your picture ID and Bar Card sent along.

Notices are generated to the addresses listed in the Case Management System Bar Roll system that is synchronized with the LSBA Bar Roll.  Records are typically not pulled to process notices, so it is important that your current address is on your pleading's AND in the Case Management System is correct.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.