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   Transcripts Request

Requests for Transcripts should be sent to the Court Reporter responsible, each Reporter is listed below and you will need to provide the following:

In the Subject Line please enter "Transcript Request"

-Your Name and Complete Address (for mailing)
-Your Email Address and Phone Number
-The date needed
-The Case Number and Court (Division) it was heard in

Civil Divisions

Division A (Judge Hazeur)
Ashley S. Schultz, Reporter

Division B (Judge Johnson)
Barbara Burger, Reporter

Division C (Judge Cates)
Laurie Hendrickson, Reporter

Division D (Judge Ervin-Knott)
Shannon Jarrell, Reporter

Division E (Judge Mason)
Rhonda Broux, Reporter

Division F (Judge Medley)
Samantha A. Hutchinson, Reporter

Division G (Judge Giarrusso)
R.J. Buras, Reporter

Division H (Judge Barial)
Debra Weaver, Reporter

Division I (Judge Jupiter)
Shannon Deruise, Reporter

Division J (Judge Sheppard)
Susan Jacks , Reporter

Division K (Judge D'Souza)
Rickey Marshall, Reporter

Division L (Judge Reese)
Denise Etheridge, Reporter

Division M (Judge Irons)
Cerri-Anne Webster, Reporter

Division N (Judge Julien)
Lilian Weber, Reporter

First and Second City Courts

Section A (Judge Morial)
Melissa Landeche, Reporter

Section B (Judge Hutabarat)
Cynthia Villavaso, Reporter

Section C (Judge Henry)
Harold Spinner, Reporter

Section D/SCC (Judge Trahan)
Lisa Hibbs, Reporter